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How do I setup the wireless connection?

  • To connect wirelessly, power the projector on by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds.
  • Allow the projector 15 to 30 seconds to fully start up. The projector will automatically start in wired mode – this will be a white screen with the WAITING FOR HDMI SIGNAL displayed on screen.
  • Change the projector to wireless mode by pressing the mode button on the projector. On screen, the projector will display wireless information labeled as Android Devices or iOS Devices

Android Devices

Android devices require Android OS 4.4 or later and the wireless screen mirroring capability.
  • Keep pressing the mode button until you see the Android wireless screen displayed (similar to the one shown below).
    Android OSD
  • From the quick menu on your Android device, launch screen mirroring. Some devices have the Quick Connect button for this functionality, such as the Samsung Note 4 (pictured below).
    Note 4 Quick Menu
  • Select the Miroir projector from the device list.
  • Choose the media you would like to view from the menu on your device and play as you normally would.

iOS Devices

iOS devices require iOS 7 or later and the Miroir Wireless App. AirPlay and screen mirroring are not supported. Wireless viewing is limited with iOS to certain files types such as native video, photos, .PPTX, .KEY and .PDF.
  • Download the Miroir Wireless App from the App store.
    Miroir Wireless
  • On the projector, keep pressing the mode button until you see the iOS Wireless Screen displayed.
    iOS OSD

  • Launch the Miroir Wireless App and select the media you want to view. If the app does not show the file you want to project, check that the media you are trying to view is a compatible file type.

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