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HD Pro Projector M220


Key Features

  • Texas Instruments DLP Technology
  • 1280 x 720 (720p) native resolution
  • 1080p maximum input resolution
  • Auto focus with vertical keystone adjustment +/- 40 degrees
  • USB-C input for video and charging; no HDMI adapter required with MacBook Pro
  • HDMI input
  • Viewable screen size from 20 to 100 inches
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery for approximately two hours of projecting time
  • Two built-in 2-watt speakers; audio out jack (3.5mm)
  • USB charging port for charging your iPhone while presenting

Designed for use with iPhone*, iPad*, MacBook, and Apple TV, the Miroir HD Projector M220 delivers HD-quality projection for streaming, entertainment, or presentation purposes. Even better, it's small enough to fit in your briefcase or bag. The projector uses a long-lasting LED light source and is built with Texas Instrument's DLP technology, which provides a cinema-quality movie experience.

*Requires an Apple Digital AV adapter—sold separately.

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Product Description

HD-Quality Projection

Small enough to easily fit inside your briefcase or bag, the Miroir HD Pro Projector M220 delivers cinema-quality HD projection for streaming, entertainment, and presentations wherever you go.
Texas Instrument’s DLP technology intuitively adjusts the projector’s brightness based on specific images and room light levels to conserve power and ensure superior image quality in every environment. Perfect for use in bright spaces, for medium-sized groups of 5-10, the Miroir HD Pro Projector M220 puts the power of a vivid 100” HD screen in the palm of your
hand – anywhere, anytime.

USB-C Connectivity

The Miroir HD Pro Projector M220 features the convenience of USB-C Video connectivity. Easily connect to your MacBook or any mobile device that supports USB-C video out for easy presentations, streaming, and image sharing – no HDMI cable required!

No Fuss Autofocus and Keystone Correction

No more uncomfortable fiddling and stressful adjusting to get the best picture. The Miroir HD Pro Projector M220 automatically adjusts for easy setup and no-fuss image quality. Auto focus
delivers crisp images every time, and keystone correction ensures that your projection will fit the wall perfectly. Simply set up the projector, and the auto-keystone function squares the image to the surface you’re protecting on removing any distortion

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Additional Information



Model Number




Product Dimensions

6.7 x 1.1 x 4.2 in.

Product Weight



Texas Instruments DLP® Technology

Light Source


Recommended Screen Size


Suggested Environment

Brighter Rooms, Larger Groups



Native Resolution

720p (1280 x 720)

Max Input Resolution


Contrast Ratio


Throw Ratio


Aspect Ratio



Auto focus


Auto +/- 40° Vertical Keystone Adjustment




2 Built-in 2-watt speakers, Audio out (3.5mm)

Built in Battery


Battery Type

Li-ion polymer

IO Connections

Audio Out (3.5mm), USB Out (Charging Only), HDMI Input, USB-C Charging Input, USB-C Video Input



Cables in the Box

HDMI to HDMI, USB-C to USB-C Cable (Video and Charging Support)

Adapters in the Box

Micro HDMI to HDMI Adapter, Power Adapter

Wireless Connectivity