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Authorized Resellers

When you are looking to purchase a Miroir projector there are many benefits to buying from an authorized reseller in your community or online. You are guaranteed the most up-to-date Miroir product information, pricing and specific promotions that you see on our website. You’ll also be eligible for Miroir’s one-year limited warranty coverage in the event that your product requires service.

In addition to having these guarantees, purchasing your Miroir projectors from an authorized reseller provides certain safeguards against illegal business practices. When shopping these locations, you can rest assured that the products were purchased directly from Miroir, or an authorized distributor, through a safe and legal business transaction.

We want to make sure that your Miroir projector meets and exceeds your expectations. If you buy a Miroir projector from an unauthorized retailer you run the risk of getting counterfeit product or one that has been used or previously opened. It’s also important to note that Miroir customer care can only assist you with technical and warranty service related issues if your product came from an authorized reseller.

Authorized Distributors