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Ideal for sharing portfolios and showing work samples with clients, Miroir art projectors make displaying artwork and visual productions easy and effective. Televisions and monitors are fragile and difficult to transport, especially considering the size of some models today. Miroir’s digital projectors for artists easily fit in your pocket or bag, so artists can focus on moving the art itself, instead of worrying how to it is displayed. Equipped with an extended battery life and an LED display with over 20,000 hours of usage, you will save time and money by having a Miror projector for your next show, commission pitch, or performance.

Video projectors for artists can also be helpful when you are trying to share your work with small audience. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, a projector is a great way to display previous work to potential clients. Large projectors are distracting and can interfere with the image being displayed, ruining the audience’s experience of the artwork itself. If you are holding a small concert, videos and other visual elements are helpful to have as part of your performance. Whether you are using a laptop, tablet, phone, or even a gaming console to project an image, the Miroir projectors are compatible with those devices and more. Our digital projectors for artists make sharing art and videos simple.