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Worship projectors are low maintenance, cost effective solutions for churches and worship centers, especially if the congregation is growing at a faster than expected rate. Miroir projectors are LED projectors, eliminating the need for costly light bulbs or complicated rigs.

Whether you need projectors for bible studies, youth spiritual retreats, or other worship activities, we have church projectors to suit all your needs. Projectors for churches don’t have to be cumbersome or difficult, in fact, Miroir’s MP60 and MP150 projectors make sharing information with your parishioners or worship community easy. Lamp-based projectors are perfect for large venue presentations and mass presentations; however, Miroir portable church projectors are ideal for smaller faith gatherings, break out group meetings, or simple connection to a smart device for sharing information, and engaging for people of all ages.

The best part of these projectors is their size. Not only can you easily transport them between spiritual gathering places, you can also easily share, store, or secure them. If you have off site retreats or presentations to make at different congregations, these projectors will easily fit in your bag or pocket so you can spread your message everywhere.