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One of the major stresses of giving a business presentation is dealing with unfamiliar, or even unreliable, technology and business presentation projectors. You can eliminate all technical anxiety from your presentation with a Miroir portable projector that can connect to your personal phone, computer, or tablet. By investing in a portable conference room projector, you will bring your small business to a new level of mobility and ease with an instant on/off and menu-less system, while impressing clients and potential partners along the way.

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Miroir has designed small presentation projectors that are not only affordable, but also easily transportable. Our MP60 and MP150 are both small business projectors with incredible capabilities, including a 2.5-hour built-in battery life. The MP60 can project a 60” 16:9 image from 9 feet or a 50” 16:9 image from 7 feet. The LED light source has over 20,000 hours of operation time, can be connected to outer audio sources, are HDMI compatible, and are sophisticated enough to display presentations from your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone. You won’t have to try to navigate through an unfamiliar menu or let the projector “warm up;” just plug in and show people what your business can accomplish.