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How do I connect my Samsung Phone?

This article will cover connecting your Miroir MP60 or MP150M to the following devices:

The Newer Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy Note phones (Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 5 and newer) do not support video out with a cabled connection. However, you can still connect these devices to the projector with a wireless HDMI display device such as a Chromecast.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note®4
  • Samsung Galaxy S®5
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Samsung Galaxy Note®3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II
Before using the projector for the first time, charge the projector’s internal battery using the included AC adapter. The battery indicator light will illuminate red to indicate the projector is charging. Once charged, the light will revert to green to indicate that the projector is fully charged.


The MP60 can be be connected to Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Note phones using the MHL cable (micro USB to HDMI cable) and the 5-to-11 pin adapter which are both included in the box.

Connecting the MP60 with Samsung Galaxy S4

Connecting the MP60 with Samsung Galaxy S4

Powering Up and Viewing Media

Once your device is connected to the projector, turn the projector on by sliding the power switch to the on position.  A few seconds after powering on, the MP60 and your device should automatically sync up and begin projecting.



If you are using the correct cable and adapter, but still having issues, here are a few things to check/try:

  • Be sure to check that the 5-to-11 pin adapter is completely plugged into the phone’s micro USB port (there should not be any silver portion of the adapter showing when completely plugged in).
  • Turn the projector off, unplug the MHL cable from the projector, unplug the 5-to-11 pin adapter from the MHL cable and your device.  Inspect the adapter and cable for defect. If there is no apparent defect, try re-connecting the adapter and the cable to both the projector and your phone (be sure the adapter is completely plugged into your device, no silver showing). Once everything has been reconnected, turn the projector on.

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