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Miroir USA – Our Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

All of us at Miroir USA are concerned about the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak. Out of
caution for the safety and health of our employees, we will be closing the Miroir USA
headquarters in Minneapolis, Minn. for at least two weeks in compliance with the
governor’s stay-at-home order.

Our Operations

Our operations in Asia will remain unaffected by the COVID-19 outbreak, and our
manufacturing partners are using recommended methods to ensure workplace safety.
These partners have a rapid ability to scale and are continuing to manufacture Miroir

Our Service

Miroir USA will not be able to provide repair services during the stay-at-home order.
Service questions and answers can be found on our website and our online service
representatives will still be available to troubleshoot and product issues.

Our Products

Thanks to our retail partners across the country, Miroir projectors will continue to be
available for store or online delivery through our partners’ e-commerce sites. With so
many people staying at home, we are committed to delivering our products to our loyal
consumers who want new home entertainment options. Accessory and products will
not be available to ship from our website during this closure.

Our Company

As a company, Miroir USA is taking steps to ensure its business will continue with
minimal disruption. With our supply chain intact and our retail partners moving to a
delivery-only model, we are ready to weather the coming storm and eager to continue
providing the most affordable and highest quality home projection options on the


Here are some useful links for our consumers with detailed information on preventing
the spread of COVID-19 and complying with stay-at-home orders issued by different

Stay safe, stay productive and stay entertained. We’re committed to remaining a part of
your home entertainment world, both now and in the future.