Location of Parts and Controls


  • Projector Lens
  • Cooling Vent - IMPORTANT: Do not cover or block airflow to the vent.
  • Focus Controls – Turn wheel to adjust focus.
  • Tripod Mount – Will fi t a standard sized tripod screw. Tripod not included.
  • Rubber Foot Pads – Provides stability and proper airflow to cooling vents.
  • Battery Indicator Lights - Lights flash in turn as the device charges. The battery is fully charged when all the lights illuminate and no longer flash.
  • Volume Controls - Increase/decrease the volume output of the projector.
  • Power Button - Press and hold for 3 seconds to power the projector on or off . Briefly press to check battery life on the projector. Battery life will be displayed by the number of lit battery indicator lights.
  • Power Port - Connect included AC Adapter/Charger for power. Fully charge battery before the first use (approx. 4-5 hours).
  • Reset Button - Press to reset projector.
  • Audio Out (3.5mm) - (Optional) Connect an external speaker or headphones.
  • HDMI Video Input - Connect an HDMI cable to a device that supports HDMI video output.
  • USB Power Output - Connect a USB power cable to provide power to a HDMI streaming stick. Cannot be used for video input.