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Projector is overheating


This help article is for user who have a Miroir projector that has displayed an overheat message and powered down.

NOTE: If your projector has powered off unexpectedly but has not displayed an overheat error message, please check out this help article instead: Unexpected Power Offs and Troubleshooting Other Power Issues

Troubleshooting the Most Common Issues

When checking for the issues below please note that you may need to allow the projector some time to cool before attempting to power it on again.

  1. The projector's cooling vent(s) are being partially or completed blocked.
    • If you are using a tripod check to ensure that the cooling vent(s) on the underside of the projector are not being partially or completely blocked by your tripod mount. 
    • If you are using the projector on a soft surface, such as bedding or a blanket, please relocate the projector to a hard flat surface. 
  2. The projector is too close to an external source of heat. 
    • Check that there is nothing located closely to the projector that is outputting heat.
      • If you have your projector setup next to your laptop or computer, check that the exhaust is not near, nor pointed at, the projector.
      • If you have your projector setup next to a gaming console, check that the exhaust on the console is not near, nor pointed at, the projector.