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The projected image is blurry.

  • Check that the surface you are projecting on is smooth.
  • Check that your projector's lens is clean and free of debris. 
  • Adjust the projector's focus:
    • For manual focus projectors, adjust the focus by rolling the focus wheel forward or backwards to fine-tune the picture. 
    • For projectors with the Auto Focus feature (M300A and M220):
      • Adjust the image focus by pressing the auto image correction button on the remote or the mode button on the projector. 
      • Check that the sensor on the projector to ensure:
        • There is nothing between the sensor and your projection surface.
        • The sensor is clean and free of debris.
      • Check your projector surface and the surface your projector is positioned on top of to ensure that it is not reflective (such as glass, a whiteboard, etc). Reflective surfaces may interfere with the auto focus feature.
  • If connected to a source device, check the output resolution of your source device.
  • If only one side of your image appears to be out of focus, check that you have your projector setup parallel to your projection surface. If not setup this way, one side of your image may appear larger than the other and it may be difficult to get the whole image to focus properly.