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Updating the Operating System


Software updates are available as needed to correct issues and bug, or add functionality. When new software updates are available for your projector typically a red indicator will appear on the System Update  on your projector's home screen.

The following Miroir projector models that have an operating system built in that may require software updates:

  • M200A
  • M300A

Installing Software Updates

NOTE: In order to check for, and install, software updates your Miroir projector must be connected to a wireless network. Not sure how to connect your projector to your wireless network?

Follow the instructions below to update your projector:

  1. Plug your projector into power using the charging cable and the power adapter.
  • IMPORTANT: If your projector powers off during the update process, it may damage the software installed on the device.
  • Power your projector on and allow it to fully start up and load the home screen.
  • Select System Update .
  • Select Check for Updates. If an update is available, select Install Updates.This process may take some time and your projector will automatically restart once the update has been successfully installed.