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What kind of tripod do I need?

Depending on your setup, you may not need a tripod at all. Miroir projectors can be used in hand, on table tops, on a stack of books, with a table top tripod or a standard tripod – its all a matter of preference.

If your setup requires a tripod, most Miroir projectors have a built in standard-sized tripod mount on the underside of the unit or a hinged case design that will allow you to raise and lower the image.

NOTE: Table top tripods are a great option for simple and extremely portable conference room setups, but be sure to test the stability of your tripod with your projector before first use.

IMPORTANT: When using a tripod, be sure that the tripod mount does not block or cover the cooling vents on the underside of your unit. If cooling vents are obstructed or blocked it may cause overheating and/or heat damage to your projector.

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This is not an exclusive list of tripods that work with our projectors.