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Pocket Projector MP60White

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Watch movies, present, or share home video and photos in your backyard, boardroom, on the garage door, or even on the ceiling in the bedroom. The possibilities are endless!

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Picture by DLP Texas Instruments


The Miroir MP60 utilizes Texas Instrument’s award-winning DLP cinnematic technology – the same technology used in 90% of the world’s digital theater screens – to provide a bright, crisp, dependable picture.

Long-lasting LED Lamp

The Miroir MP60 utilizies RGB LEDs as the light source to create incredibly bright and colorful images. Unlike traditional projectors, the MP60 has no filters or lamps to replace – the LED lamp lasts up to 20,000 hours.


The Miroir MP60 is a truly ultra-portable, weighing in around only 8oz and small enough to easily be transported in bags, purses, and even pockets.

Lightweight, battery operated and super compact, the MP60 brings projection to places it has never before been possible. Sales reps have easy access to projection on their terms and with their own equipment. Presentations on the fly, use web content, view presentations, YouTube videos – in any conference room or office with an available wall. Use for family gatherings, parties and celebrations whether at the park, in the driveway or in the extra bedroom – movies, photos and streaming content are all available.


Flexible, Easy HDMI MHL Connectivity


The MP60′s HDMI connectivity makes it easily adaptable to most popular mobile devices. Even within one family or organization, you will find a variety of platforms, and the MP60 is friendly to all.

Learn More About Compatibility

Built-in Battery and Speakers

Take your projector away from the outlets and directly to your visual sharing space. The rechargeable battery in the MP60 will allow you to project for around two hours on a single charge. In addition, the two built-in 1-watt speakers will ensure you have sound wherever you are, and with the 3.5mm audio jack you can plug in your favorite external speakers for bigger sound.

Menu-Free Interface

No input settings, no mode options, our menu-free interface makes projecting simple as plug and play.

MP60 with iPhone

Streaming — No TV Required

The Miroir MP60 can be easily connected to streaming media players like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV stick, Roku, Roku Streaming Stick, or Google Chromecast. You can also share streaming content from your phone or tablet with applications on your device like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube. The MP60 has 2 built in 1-watt speakers that you can use while streaming, or you have the option to connect external speakers to the audio out port on the projector, or use Bluetooth speakers with your device, for bigger sound.

Office — Quick and Easy Setup

The Miroir MP60 features instant on/off, a menu-less system and a built-in battery with approximately 2 hours of battery power. Setup is quick and easy making it perfect for impromptu meetings . Share presentations, web content, videos, and more from your laptop, smartphone or tablet with simple HDMI connectivity.

MP60 + GoPro
MP60 + Digital Camera

Digital Cameras

Share photos and videos instantly with simple HDMI compatible connectivity and a menu-free interface.

Gaming — Compact big screen experience

Now, you can take your gaming to a new level by removing the confines of your television screen and replacing it with a Miroir MP60 projector. Not only is the Miroir MP60 lightweight and portable, but it is also compatible via HDMI cables with gaming consoles, laptops, tablets, and more. The compact size and simple set up will get you and your friends gaming in no time.

RPGs and FPS games are meant to be life-like and interactive, so what better way to bring games to life than with LED video game projectors? Online gaming has brought an entirely new scope of interaction to video games, too, and having a larger display to play in the incredible worlds developers and designers have created makes the experience even better.

Whether you have a video game club, want to game as a group at your party, or just want a dream gaming set up in your dorm room, the MP60 is low maintenance, cost effective, and easy to transport, so you can take your gaming anywhere.

MP60 + Playstation

WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm –

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