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What if I don’t have a proof of purchase?

If you are attempting to activate your Miroir M20 and are missing your proof of purchase, try the How do I activate my Miroir projector? help article.

A valid proof of purchase from an authorized reseller is required for a limited warranty claim.

If you purchased directly from MiroirUSA.com or from the Miroir USA store on Amazon, we may have a record of your purchase and can locate it for you. Just let us know the order number. If you do not have the order number, we may be able to locate it using your name, address and email address.

If you purchased from a Miroir dealer or reseller, contact the dealer or reseller and see if they can provide a duplicate copy of your receipt. They will often have your purchase history on file and be able to supply a copy of the receipt to you.

If the product was purchased online, be sure to check your old emails. The vendor should have sent you a confirmation page showing that the product had been shipped to you.

If the product was a gift, we suggest you ask the giver to provide you with a receipt. You may also ask them if they can handle the limited warranty process for you if asking for the receipt is not appropriate.

Miroir Projectors are not sold by authorized resellers on auction websites or ebay. If you purchased a projector on ebay or another auction website, please contact the seller for support.