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Drivvplay - Portable Wireless Carplay and Android Auto Display With 4K Dash Cam | 6.25"

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Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Dash Mount with 4K Dash Cam. 6.25-inch IPS touchscreen, Google Maps Navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, FM transmitter, Siri Voice Control, AUX support, Hands-free control, Built-in speaker, AUX cable.

🚗 Enhance your driving experience with our Portable Car Stereo, seamlessly integrated with Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  4K Dash Cam with park mode collision detection.

🚗 This deluxe 5-inch IPS touchscreen stereo delivers flawless Google navigation, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, an efficient FM transmitter, Siri Voice Control, and reliable AUX support, positioning it as an essential accessory for every modern vehicle. 

🚗 Easily sync your iPhone or Android device with the stereo and gain hands-free control to make calls, navigate Google Maps, play your favorite tunes, and receive messages.

🚗 Our state-of-the-art CarPlay stereo has a built-in speaker for superior sound quality. Desire an even louder audio experience? Effortlessly transmit sound to the car speakers via Bluetooth (if available in your car) or sync the stereo's FM transmitter with your car radio. Alternatively, the AUX cable enables you to connect through your car's auxiliary interface.

🚗 Meticulously crafted for flawless performance and smooth handling, our carplay portable car stereo is your ultimate companion for easy navigation, music control, and call management on the go. Discover the future of vehicle tech with our advanced car stereo and navigation system!

Seamless connectivity with your favorite technology

Mobile Devices

Compatible with iPhone and Android phones


Mac, Windows and Chromebook friendly

Gaming Consoles

Supports Playstation, Xbox and the Switch

Streaming Devices

Interface with Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV