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★ There is no sound or the sound is very low


This troubleshooting article is for users who are able to see an image or video with their Miroir projector, but there is no sound or the sound output is low.

Try this troubleshooting article instead if you are seeing a "No Signal" message or just the Miroir logo screen when attempting to connect a source device to the projector 

Most Common Issues

These are the most common reasons you may not have sound on your projector:

  1. The volume is turned down.
    • Check the volume control on the projector to ensure the volume is turned up.
    • If you are connected to a source device, via HDMI or USB-C, check the volume control on that device as well to ensure it is turned up.
    • If you have an external speaker connected to the projector with the 3.5mm audio output, check that the volume control on the speaker is turned up. 
    • If you are viewing content from an app (either installed on the projector or installed on your source device) check that the volume control inside the app itself is turned up.
  2. The wrong audio output is selected.
    • Check the audio output selection on your source device to ensure you have the projector selected for audio output.
    • If you are using a projector that supports a Bluetooth connection (M200A or M300A models), be sure to check that your Bluetooth speaker is connected to the projector under Settings > Bluetooth.
    • If you are using an AppleTV, check and adjust your sound settings:
      1. Check sound settings on AppleTV by selecting Settings > Audio and Sound > Surround Sound or, on older AppleTVs, Settings >Audio and Sound > Dolby
      2. Ensure that the sound quality option is set to Best Quality (Auto on older AppleTVs) or Stereo (Dolby Off on older AppleTVs).
  3. Your projector, or an app on your projector, may require an update.

Other Possible Issues

Here are some less common situations to consider:

  • Does your adapter support sound? If you are using an adapter, be sure to check with the manual for that adapter or the manufacturer of that adapter to ensure it supports audio.
  • Are the cables and/or adapters you are using, functioning properly? To test this, you can try connecting your source device to another HDMI display (such as a TV) using the same cables and adapters. If there is still no sound, you may need to replace the cables or adapters you are using.